Civilian Conservation Corps Co. 895

Map of CCC camp structures at Osage Hills State Park    

CCC Company 895 was organized at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, and sent to Hosa Lodge, Colorado, on June 17, 1933. The Company moved to Rainbow Lakes (Camp SP-1-C) in Nederland, Colorado on June 30, 1933. On October 1, 1933, the company moved to Lincoln Park (Camp SP-2-0) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

On June 6, 1935, at the end of a fund drive, citizens of Bartlesville and Pawhuska had raised enough money to buy the property that would become Osage Hills State Park. Preliminary construction of the Osage Hills CCC camp buildings began on October 4, 1935, by a local team of about 50 carpenters and laborers. The camp was built to house up to 200 enrollees. CCC Company 895 was given the assignment to create the park.

On November 5, 1935, Company 895 – consisting of 189 youths – moved from Lincoln Park to “Osage County State Park” (Camp SP-24-0). The enrollees were tasked with finishing the construction of their living area before they began work on the park proper.

Company 895 fought wildfires and planted trees. They established roads, trails, electric lines, water and sewage systems, and picnic areas. They also constructed many of the stone buildings that can be seen in the park today, including cabins, restrooms, a picnic shelter, and a community building.

The Osage Hills CCC Camp was in operation for five years and eight months. Field operations were officially discontinued on July 1, 1941, although a skeleton crew remained to liquidate camp assets through the following year.

Osage Hills State Park was officially opened to the public on May 3, 1942.