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Do you have a question you’d like answered, or have feedback about Osage Hills State Park or this website?  Please let me know.

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16 Comments to “Questions and Feedback”

  1. Thanks for your piece on Mt. Magazine. Beautiful photos! You know how I love the fog!
    I will come to the park and say hello when the weather warms up a bit.
    Please tell Isabel that I will bring her some crackers! I know that she misses me. Maybe it’s the crackers that she misses!

  2. We live in Okmulgee, Oklahoma and were recently at the lake there, my kid’s found a very large centipede the body is a dark blue with yellow legs and an orange head. I looked it up and found one that looks similiar I think it was called a timberwolfe? Would you be able to maybe tell what species it is? For a creepy insect this one is very beautiful in color.

  3. Kyle,
    You’re Crosstimber site is simply outstanding. My wife Kerry and I, along with our dogs, have been visitors to your beautiful park many times over the years. Always enjoyed seeing Mike (Vaught) and the girls at the office. We’re planning another visit in late April and hope to see you then. QUESTION: The CCC photo of the bridge under construction…I assume this is the large bridge on the main road leading into the park. Is the photo taken looking more or less south?

    • Thanks for visiting — both the site and the park! The CCC bridge under construction is indeed the large arched stone bridge on the entrance road. I believe the view is to the southwest. (Looking, say, towards the office.) The image below is from a 1936 report saved in the National Archives that shows the view to the northeast at about the same time.

      (Use your browser’s “back” button to return to this page.)

  4. Hi! We just recently visited the park, been there a few times, love it & I was told there had been treefrogs there at one time, do you know what type were there? And what’s your take on why whey are no longer there?

    • HL,

      Your visit was in the middle of the Gray Tree Frog breeding season. They should have been calling during you stay. The tree frogs are more vocal when it is wet outside, which has been fairly infrequent these past two years. Let me know next time you come out and we’ll see if we can hear and/or find some. We still have loads of them in the park.

  5. 4/26/12 3:20 PM…OHSP Cabin No.7 A huge redheaded centipede is eating his second caterpillar just snatched from the bark of the double trunk oak just off the patio! We estimate the size at 10 inches plus. Norman & Kerry Bayley

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